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Mosby Treasure Virginia

June 21, 2017

Mosby Treasure Virginia

Mosby Treasure Virginia Old

John S Mosby was a Colonel for the confederate army in the Civil War.  Known as the Gray Ghost for his quick attack style, Mosby led a group known as “Mosby’s Raiders.”  Mosby’s Raiders also had an uncanny ability to elude Union troops by blending in with locals.

On March 8, 1863, Mosby’s Raiders rode into the Fairfax Courthouse and captured Union General Edwin H. Stoughton.  Along with the General, Mosby took possession of 42 prisoners, horses, and an estimated $350,000 in gold, silver, and family heirlooms that had been taken from confederate family’s.

Mosby’s mission was to escort the prisoners and horse through Union territory and across the Confederate Line.  Somewhere along a route that runs parallel to today’s US 211, Mosby’s Raiders ran into Union Troops.  Not wanting to put the treasure at risk, Mosby instructed trusted men to bury the treasure between two pine trees.  He marked the trees with his knife, absurd the treasure would be safe.

The Raiders were able to get past the enemy troop with out incident as they crossed the confederate line.  Once the General and prisoners were delivered, Mosby sent seven of his most trusted men to return for the treasure.  The men were caught behind enemy lines and hung.  Once Mosby caught news of this, he never returned for the treasure

Key Locations

  • Mosby Captured the General and Loot at Culpeper, Virginia.
  • The Treasure was buried between the towns of Culpeper and Norman.
  • Rural route running parallel to us 211, near Route 522 today.
  • Both pine trees had X’s at the bottom

This story exists in some variation through history books.  However, it was likely  embellished through the years in some form.  It is not clear whether Mosby’s men retrieve the treasure before being hung.  The Mosby Treasure Virginia is a local story that has existed for some time. Coupled with an extremely large search area, this treasure would be difficult to find.

Search Rating: D

Reward Rating: C $350K

Chance Treasure Exist’s: C


Mosby Treasure Virginia Grey Ghost

Mosby Treasure Virginia

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