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Golden Owl Of France-Clue 4-470 Enigma

Golden Owl of France-Clue 4-470 enigma begin

Clue 3 set us on a specific path, but to pinpoint the exact location, we needed to unravel the riddle within the 470 Enigma: “This is the right way that if the arrow is aimed at the heart.”

The accompanying illustration portrays what seems to be a fallen knight with a sword through the skull, reminiscent of the Excalibur Sword lodged in stone. Could Valentine have commissioned Becker to create an image highlighting a legendary sword and battle?

The clue hints at words, each represented by the first letter of the French phrases. Translating the riddle reveals:

First: AhAhAh = A Second: A Space = _ Third: Air = R Fourth: Offered Water = O Fifth: N-Laying Down-Z = N Sixth: Cent = C Seventh: E as a node = E Eighth: Victory = V Ninth: AAAHHH = A Tenth: French Grammar = U Eleventh: Math Expression = X


In 778, Roland met his demise during the Battle of Roncevaux Pass, where Charlemagne faced defeat. Roland was renowned for wielding the legendary sword, Durandal. Valentine’s reference to “it happened in 778” further solidifies the solution to this clue.

Regarding the Golden Owl of France, Clue 4, and the 470 Enigma, while the answer aligns with the illustration, we continue to explore the possibility of reverse engineering or misinterpretation. With 9 out of 11 clues correctly deciphered, a substantial group should converge on a small area, yet that’s not the case.

Although Roncevaux Pass appears to be key in this clue, it’s a promising candidate for containing more information than meets the eye. Valentine’s foreshadowing in the preceding enigma suggested that there was something significant in the subsequent clue. Moreover, this clue concludes with the enigmatic phrase, “Find my all, and through the Opening (Overture), you will see the light.”


While Roncevaux Pass likely relates to the answer for this clue, and it is the widely accepted solution, considering Valentine’s emphasis, it is plausible that there is more to uncover here.

On the trail of the golden owl Bag

Whats in the Bag?

Clue 2: To find my all, just to be wise,
Because the Truth, in truth, will not be a Devin’s affair.

Clue 3: Is there something important we must learn at out southern destination?


Clue 4: Find my all, and through the Opening(Overture) you will see the light.

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Golden Owl Of France-Clue 4-470 Enigma

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