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KGC Treasure

KGC Treasure-Knights Of The Golden Circle

KGC Treasure-Knights Of The Golden Circle

When most people hear, Knights of the Golden Circle, the first thing that comes to mind is John Wilkes-Booth and the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.  Our history lessons have taught us that the KGC was a group of rebel that acted in treasonist acts against the United States.  We were also taught the Civil War was about slavery and Jesse James was a common bank robber.  Fortunately, todays technology and connectivity allows us to investigate things for ourselves and we find much of what we were taught about the KGC, Civil War, and Jesse James were in fact, inaccurate. This information plays an important role in the search for KGC treasure as most of it was erased from history.

At the height of the Civil War, the KGC was a group high ranking officials who’s goal was not to defeat the North but form a separate Nation consisting of the southern states, Mexico, and Cuba.  This area was in the shape of a circle which is how they got their name.  To do so, they needed money.

They enlisted the help of young Jesse James who had a deep hatred for the ways of the north and empowered him to rob Union banks and stage coaches in an effort to cripple the north as well as strengthen their economic needs.  The plan was never to spend the gold or indulge in the spoils but rather to stock pile it for a later date.  This is where the term “the south will rise again” came from.


However, the northern states became to powerful due to world banks from over seas backing them and the end of the war was eminent.  Just before General Lee’s surrender, the KGC knew the Union would come directly for their gold stock pile at their headquarters in Richmond.  They ordered the gold to be moved to Nashville and then hidden in various spots through out the US.

Even after the war had ended, Jesse James along with many KGC members continued to rob and plunder Northern owned banks and transports planning for a second war.  They devised a way to hide the gold in caches spread all over so if they were ever found, they would only lose a small amount of the vast fortune they had acquired over the years.  But the second war was never to be.

It is estimated there is just under 100 million in gold still out there to be found.  The KGC used various ciphers, map overlays, and symbols to hide their caches but still lead the way for those in the know.  The most well known is the JJ carving found nearly every KGC caches found today-Jesse James.  However, they also reshaped trees, used the heart symbol in various forms, and preferred the holly tree to leave clues.

If you can find a rural area the KGC was known to pass through, that is undisturbed, and has some of these symbols, you could learn how the KGC hid their caches and find a small fortune.  There are 5 cases in the last six years where KGC caches were found worth 50K all the way to 600k.  The next find could be you.

Join us as we dive deeper into Jesse James role and the circumstances surrounding the instances where KGC treasure was found.


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KGC treasure are hidden and use symbolism on trees and rocks that let the person know where to look.

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