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How We Plan To Find The Golden Owl Of France

As we begin our quest for the Golden Owl, there are a few important aspects we will focus on as we go. This hunt has gone on for over 26 years with thousands of people attempting to solve it.  Most of these people are intelligent and have good ideas.  There for, there must be a few stumbling blocks along the way that trip the majority up.


The first thing we will look for in each clue will be a possible misinterpretation.  Almost certainly, early searchers felt the rush of a million dollar prize sitting out there and went through the clues as quickly as possible.  Seeing as though the first searchers would be considered somewhat of an expert,  their interpretations or solutions would be accepted as near fact early on.  Years later, most would inevitably begin their hunt with these theories at the center of their thoughts.


Accepting others solutions to the clues and building from there could possibly put us further from the Golden Owl than if we had started on our own.  While I would assume 95% of the ideas out there are correct and helpful, its the 5% we are looking for.  This 5% is more than likely the designers intent.  When building the hunt, logic says they knew people would gravitate one way when the real answer is another.  That is the design of any good hunt.

How We Plan To Find The Golden Owl Of France Boy

How We Plan To Find The Golden Owl Of France


Given the structure of this hunt, Valentine would have to do something to ensure no one could skip to the final clue and retrieve the Golden Owl.  If you were sitting down to design this hunt, this would naturally be one of the first defenses you would insert.  This where the Super Solution came from which we will get into later.


Our approach will be slow and methodical with a BOTG search planned in the summer of 2020.  Most of the time, how you start is more important than where you finish.  By taking a wrong turn early, you could end up on the wrong side of France.  What will ultimately be more important is a comprehensive understanding of each clue, what is applicable, and what information is left over.


As we go through our journey we will share what we have learned knowing it is likely an Owl searcher that is close could find their missing piece and find the prize.  The discussion and challenge can be just as enjoyable.  Our main focus is to assist in the Golden Owl treasure hunts conclusion.  Email us at


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Let’s Begin!


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How We Plan To Find The Golden Owl Of France




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