Dutch ShultzMissing Loot

Dutch Schultz’s Lost Treasure

June 21, 2017

Dutch Schultz’s Lost Treasure

Dutch Schultz’s Lost Treasure Cover Mug Shot

Dutch Schultz, born Authur Flaegenheimer, was a notorious gangster in the 1920’s in the prohibition era.  He was a mobster phenomenon who rose to the top of the ranks by age 25.

Shultz had created and empire from smuggling alcohol, narcotics, numbers racketeering, and protection by the early 1920’s.  His activities produced over 20 million yearly which put him all over the Department of Justice’s radar.

The 136 murders he ordered could not be linked to him so in 1933, Dutch Schultz had earned the title of public enemy number one from the DOJ and was indicted by a grand jury for income tax evasion.

Schultz did what all gangsters of the era did when indicted, he went on the run.  He ordered his top lieutenants to empty all his safe deposit box and put all the contents in a strong box.  The strong box contained gold coins, cash, diamonds and Liberty Bonds.

Dutch Shultz plan was to bury the strong box as a nest egg in the event he were to get locked up.  He took his most faithful Lieutenant, Benard Rosenkrantz (LuLu), with him to Phoenicia NY to bury the box along the creek. He reportedly marked an X at the bottom of a tree marking the spot.

Schultz later turned himself in but was acquitted  of the charges due to lack of evidence.  He immediately went after the politician who brought up the charges by ordering the hits of the syndicate of New York.  It did not take the syndicate long to execute Shultz and his entire gang.

Dutch Schultz’s Lost Treasure loot

Dutch Shultz was shot twice on the night of October 23, 1935 but managed to hang on for 22 more hours.  On his death bed, Schultz kept asking the police to take him to Phoenicia where he had hid his loot.  The police dismissed his claims as Schultz died the following day.

Today, Dutch Schultz treasure would be valued at just over 50 million dollars. While this treasure is subject to several individuals who were capable of getting the treasure in this era, a few facts remain.


Dutch Shultz did lay on his death bed asking to be taken to his loot but not divulging where.

Schultz did purchase Liberty Bonds prior to the strong box being buried.

Most importantly, the Liberty bonds have matured but have never been redeemed to this day.  They are currently valued at just over 8 Million dollars.

Search Rating: C

Reward Rating: B   50 Mil

Chance Treasure Exist’s: B



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