Historic TreasureLost TreasureThe Secret city of Paititi

The Secret City of Paititi

The Secret City of Paititi is a lost city built by the Inca empire located somewhere in the rainforest in Peru or southwest Brazil. Many people believe this city exist because of the recent findings that Mario Polia who is an Italian Archaeologist found. He found a document dating all the way back to the 15th century written by the missionary Andres Lopez.

  The Secret city of Paititi

In the document Lopez describes a large city of Gold located in the middle of a jungle. The famous city is called Paititi. Lopez who never actually saw the Legendary city and only heard from the local natives that it exist, informed the Pope about his discovery. For his own reasons which we do not know the Vatican kept the location a secret.

The Secret City of Paititi

The Secret City of Paititi Map

Many of expeditions have taken place and a lot of relics have been found. Many of the relics are believed to belong to the Secret City of Paititi. What makes this finding so hard is the vast land that has to be searched, along with the thick and dangerous rainforest. There are no maps to go by because most of the land hasn’t been explored. Most of the explores go by pictures taken from way above by drones.

The Secret City of Paititi

The secret city of Paititi picutre drone

Expeditions go all the back to 1958 and recent expeditions from 2011 have taken place. Many searches will be taken place in the next few years associated with Tv channels. Only few have the ability to go on such searches due to the trips being so expensive and the dangers that the rainforest brings. With so many findings, explorers are getting closer to the City and in a matter of time the Legendary secret city of Paititi will be found.

The Secret City of Paititi


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