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Welcome to the Treasure Hunter Pro Store. Having the correct equipment when going on a hunt is a necessity.  Hunts are typically a good distance away and in unfamiliar territory.

Buying any ole GPS or metal detector can be one of the biggest mistakes a new hunter can make.  One does not want to find himself in the middle of the wilderness miles from home with equipment that does not preform correctly.

Treasure Tracer has years of experience in all types of hunts. We have consolidated each need with items that work correctly. No need to dig threw pages of product and print.  Just select the item in your price range with confidence.

Pre-Selected Pro Inventory

All items recommended by Tracer from left to right

GPS Units

Metal Detectors

Walkie Talkie


Hydration Backpacks


Hiking Poles

Stay Dry

Over Night


Hit The Wilderness With Confidence

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Treasure Hunter Pro Store


Our Treasure Hunter Store is designed to put you on the right path out of the gate.  With price point in mind, Tracer lists only items that will preform correctly in the field.

All items are used by Treasure Tracer on nearly every excursion we are on.  Do not find yourself on a planned hunt trying to read a GPS unit that does not help you navigate.  Get the right stuff the first time.

The Treasure Hunter Store was built by treasure hunters for treasure hunters.  Hit your next trip like a pro and avoid all the confusion.

Visit our equipment guide checklist and make sure you have everything for a good trip!

All purchases are made and shipped from Amazon. 

Treasure Hunter Pro Store

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Treasure Hunter Pro Store

The next time you take off a week and travel across country, make sure you have all the right equipment from the Treasure Hunter Pro Store!

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