Treasure Hunt Contributors Guide

Treasure Hunt Contributors Guide

Treasure Hunt Contributors Guide

(Tracer Tracer Cooperative does not apply to any designed treasure hunts such as the Fenn Treasure.)

Welcome to our guide to becoming a contributor to the Treasure Tracer Cooperative.  We are a full time treasure hunting team consisting of 4 hunters in the field and two technical assistants in the office.  Combined, we have successfully located several lost or hidden “treasures” that allowed us to be active, full-time treasure hunters.


Our cooperative initiative derived from the understanding that many people have valuable information but will likely never be able to use it.  Whether that be due to time, experience, ability or means, it is a shame for that knowledge to go to waste.


Our effort is to unite our equipment, means, and boots on the ground experience will arm chair solvers that will likely never make the trip to put their knowledge to use.


In order to this successfully share location information or details about any valuable item, a protocol must be used to ensure fairness for both sides.


Steps to joining a Treasure Hunt Cooperative

  • Fill out the contact form.  Do Not list any specific details of a location or solve in this area.  For Example,
  • Upon receipt of the submission, we will check to see if we have any current leads to the treasure and general location.

a) In the event we have current information unexplored, you will receive an email letting you know this cooperative is not eligible at this time or what might make your information        unique.

b)If we do not have any information based on your submission, you will receive notice you are eligible to join this cooperative.

  • At this time you may send all details related to the treasure.
  • Once the details are reviewed, you will receive an email stating whether the information was accepted or not. Reasons for denial are theories that are not substantiated with any factual evidence.

The goal here is to provide both parties with a time stamped email.  Any information sent outside the parameters of the afore mentioned steps will not qualify for any proceeds in the event a treasure is found in that location.


Percentages and Proceeds

Each member(s) of a cooperative will be notified of their percentage standing prior to any hunt.  Note: A members percentage is the value of the treasure and not the actual treasure.  Tracer will Auction the treasure as a whole and disburse percentages.


Additional Information

There is no expiration on a cooperative.

Each cooperative has a maximum member limit of 10.


Treasure Hunt Contributors Guide


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