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To Register an account with Treasure Tracer, fill out our quick and easy for to start today.

Our Treasure hunt community shares information with each other to locate the worlds oldest secrets.  Register today to get inside info for your next hunt.


Some of the toughest treasures to find will remain a secret unless info is shared.  At tracer our effort is to team up with our fellow hunters. we are an open source of info and look to share all there is.

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Register today to access our members in the latest hunts.  To look for a trove takes a lot.  Info is key when out searching. Arm your self with the best info from our data base.


Why spend all your time searching several info sources.  Tracer gathers this info for you and assists in your treasure search.

Don’t plan your hunt with out the correct information.  Knowledge is your most powerful tool when looking for a trove.  Especially one that has been lost for centuries.

It is out there to be found. you must have all the info needed to find it.  Register with treasure tracer today and become a member.

Have a voice and get details.  Tracer is the first site to combine efforts to find as many troves as possible.  Our online friends are always there to assist when needed.  Join us today and get all the latest info for your quest.

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Find the best treasures the world has to offer.  We cover all treasures of the world.  Before you go out on your quest, sign up with Tracer so our online community can assist you with your search.

Don’t expect to have all the answers.  No One does.  Together, we can make the most historical finds the earth has ever seen.  Join us today!

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