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I Found Forrest Fenn's Treasure-What Do I Do..

Forrest Fenn

I Found Forrest Fenn’s Treasure-What Do I Do..

I Found Forrest Fenn’s Treasure-What Do I Do..

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In the event you are the one to find Forrest Fenn’s Treasure, knowing the proper steps to take will ensure your safety and make the process easier.- I Found Forrest Fenn’s Treasure-What Do I Do..

First off, it is important to note that the chest will not fit in a standard 11″ backpack.  This chest would be immediately recognizable by half the people you might see in the mountains.  It is important you always search with a bag it will fit in to conceal it.

Okay, you have run down you solve, searched your area, and low and behold there it sets.  Before you even touch it, look around and make sure no one can see you.


Next, start recording the entire event and make sure you capture the chest in the state it has been in for years.  When you start to record, hold a phone in front of the camera displaying the date and time.

Once you have this done and the video rolling, pull the chest up to be viewed.  Once open, you need to take a separate 10 second video.  This video should show the date/time, the chest, you, and no one else around.  If you have cell service, text this video to a trusted family member.  Your mother, father, husband, or wife.  From that moment on, you have proof you are the one that found the chest.

I Found Forrest Fenn's Treasure-What Do I Do..backpack

I Found Forrest Fenn’s Treasure-What Do I Do..

Now the right thing to do would be get it packed up and get out of there.  However, anyone of us is going to look.  Ideally, you should have some else with you.  Start unpacking the chest contents to distribute the weight between you.  Look at the items as you do this but do so quickly.

Once packed up and concealed, take the shortest route back to the car.  It is important to note, it would be wise to not discuss it or appear out of the norm while heading back.  You are carrying 2-3 million dollars but not in cash.  Its in a less traceable form.  Sure many would recognize the items in the chest but if it were stolen, they would be melted down and never seen again.

Once you are in your car and safely heading down the road, the stress will begin.  If you were to become a party to one of those unwarranted police stops and searchers, you would have a mess on your hands.  Anything of value seized by the police goes straight to their department.  You may not have anything illegal but do not think they won’t try.  Don’t get pulled over and get back home or to your hotel.

I Found Forrest Fenn's Treasure-What Do I Do.. Car

I Found Forrest Fenn’s Treasure-What Do I Do..

You can start to relax a little at this point but whatever you do, do not leave the chest anywhere you are not.  You will need to fully document the chest, its contents,  and get that uploaded to a cloud.

After that,  get it to a secure place as soon as possible.  If you traveled through states to search, you will have a dilemma.  If you drove, you could always drive home with it.  If you have documented it correctly, you have some insurance.

If you flew, you will not be able to check it in your carry on.  You will either have to get a safety deposit box locally or rent a car to drive home.

As much as I would like to say you need to alert the rest of the searchers immediately, that isn’t the case.  This search has gone on for 8 years now and a few extra days will not hurt.   Once the chest is secure, you need a couple of days to let the adrenaline die down before you announce anything.  A clear head here will payoff in the long run.  That being said, searchers have saved their money to go out and it would be unethical to wait more than a couple days.

So who do you tell? Who else? There is only one authority here. After you have consulted with your attorney, you email Forrest Fenn, no one else.  He has a plan undoubtedly but most importantly, word that the chest has been found means nothing unless it comes from Forrest.

We have watched and read other media outlets claim you need to contact them and they will announce it.  That doesn’t make sense on any level.  One, there are around 500k people looking for the treasure.  These outlet subscribers, followers, or friends would barely reach 1%.  That 1% will not believe it until they hear it from Forrest anyway.

The reality is none of the media outlets have any type of inside track with Forrest.  He reads their emails just like everyone else.

Second, and most important, I would think Forrest would want to announce it and not find out from a third party.  Sure, you could contact Treasure Tracers and we could send an email for you.  We would love to have a huge boost in viewers as we are the only ones with the info but that doesn’t make sense. Contact Forrest and no one else.

I Found Forrest Fenn's Treasure-What Do I Do..Forrest

I Found Forrest Fenn’s Treasure-What Do I Do..

If there is not any instructions in the chest, it is important to include in the subject line Found, Chest, and Treasure.  He reads everyones emails even if he doesn’t respond but that subject line will ensure he opens it quickly.

When you are deciding whether to stay anonymous, consider this, Forrest has had death threats from people wanting the treasure.  These people have spent years and may have a sense of entitlement to the chest.  If you decide to reveal your identity, at the very least make sure your address can not be found.  This is extremely hard to do.

Lastly, while everything above should serve as good advise, there is only one authority.  The finder could receive a curve ball the moment they open the chest.  Forrest has said there is an item in chest the finder will enjoy.  Also consider there is some way Forrest knows the chest has not been found.  Whatever this is could alter the plan above significantly.

Best of Luck To All

Happy Hunting!


I Found Forrest Fenn’s Treasure-What Do I Do..


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