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Forrest Fenn Response-Proxy Item

Forrest Fenn

Forrest Fenn Response-Proxy Item

Forrest Fenn Response-Proxy Item

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Thousands of people have hit the Rocky Mountains this summer in search of Forrest Fenn’s treasure.  In the absence of success, a handful of searchers tend to develop new theories to their existing solution.  Has the treasure been found? Is it a hoax?

For long time searchers, these questions are nothing new.  However, this year has spawned a new question that seemed to start gaining traction for a little while.  Is the item searchers are looking for actually a proxy item of some sort and this how Forrest knows it has not been found?

Forrest Fenn Response-Proxy Item hat


Forrest Fenn Response-Proxy Item

While this idea was highly unlikely, it was still possible and could not be completely ruled out.  Searching for an unknown proxy item could add a new level of difficulty to the chase so we emailed Forrest the question below.  The question and answer are copied and pasted.

July 29, 2018

Lately, many are launching a new theory that a proxy item is what searchers will find.  Would you care to clarify?  Is a Bronze chest indeed what the successful searcher will find?


“The treasure is still where I hid it. There is no proxy item.” f


Ruling out any type of proxy item reassures searchers they just need to keep an eye out for a bronze chest.  So how does Forrest know the treasure has not been found?  What is in the chest?

These two questions likely answer each other.  However, they should be considered irrelevant.  What Forrest did to ensure he would know when the chest was found will likely not help a searcher locate the treasure.

Forrest Fenn Response-Proxy Item chest

Forrest Fenn Response-Proxy Item

If in fact when the chest is found, it is empty with a note that says,”Call Me,” the end result is still the same.  The successful searcher will receive the treasure and Forrest will know when its found.

Whatever your theory as to the contents of the chest, searchers can look confidently knowing the treasure is a real thing, it is still where Forrest left it, and the chest itself is what you will find.

Happy Hunting!


Forrest Fenn Response-Proxy Item


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