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Forrest Fenn Commemorative Chests

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Forrest Fenn Commemorative Treasure Chests

Forrest Fenn Commemorative Treasure Chests

While thousands get set to search the Rocky Mountains on a quest for Forrest Fenn’s hidden treasure, one searcher decided to make a copy of the bronze chest.  Forrest Fenn searcher Chris Jones says he has been out 12 times to search for the elusive treasure but with out any success to date.  He decided that studying the actual chest might help his chances with locating it.


Jones, who owns a foundry in Tennessee, set out to carve a copy of Indulgence with just two pictures as a reference and then cast it in bronze.  ” My concern was someone would you a picture of my chests and try to claim they found the real one. At the same time, I wanted the chest to be as close to accurate as possible,” says Jones.  So he made all the figures more “pronounced” which he says added weight and made the chest weigh 42lbs empty.



Upon making the chest, he notified Forrest Fenn.”  I emailed Forrest asking him if he had any issue with me making a limited run of the chests. His reply was simply it does not have anything to do with him and I do not need his permission.  I then asked if I could inscribe his poem on the base.  His response-“okay.f” That was it.”

The commemorative treasure chests are individually number and limited to a run of 100.  The first one can currently be found on eBay-#72

We asked Jones, what how does he thing Forrest Fenn feels about the chests and has he made any comments since the release?” While I would like to think he thinks its pretty cool, I do not think it really matters to him.  I am a searcher first so I do not get responses from Forrest.”

These Commemorative Chests weig 42lbs and are 10 3/8 x 10 3/8 x 5 3/8.  Additional info can be found at

When asked how much he thinks the chests will costs he replied,” I did not really have any expectations though I knew chest 2-20 would be more expensive.  Forrest gets #1 though he did not ask.  I just felt like with all the memorabilia being produced, this was something we needed.  Only one person will find the real chest.”


These Commemorative Chests weigh 42lbs and are 10 3/8 x 10 3/8 x 5 3/8.  Additional info can be found at


Forrest Fenn Commemorative Treasure Chest

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