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Tricks Of The Trade - A Cheap and Great DIY Coin Tumbler Material  

Man Alone
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Scotch-Brite pads, the blue ones. Cut them up into small chunks and use them in your coin tumbler, and you can even use the same ones over and over again. I generally tumble my coins overnight, and trust me, my coins come from the bottom of lakes and they are generally black as can be. But even so, this little trick of the trade works wonders. Ssometimes I'll even tumble some of my silver stuff with this same method, coins and rings and chains, etc. These pads are harsh enough to do the trick but they're but not too harsh, many of the items even coming out looking polished.


So there you go, another simple and cheap DIY method that actually works. Cheers!.......MA

Posted : 24/06/2019 2:23 pm

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