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Is There A Spiritua...

Is There A Spiritual Connection To The Chase?  

Man Alone
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What is the meaning of life? Consider this, those who think they know the answer have already stopped looking for answers. Can a poem create poetry in motion? One could quickly argue that Fenn’s chase has created as much. I, for one, see potential connection between these two subjects, the meaning of life and Fenn’s poem and treasure hunt that has caused so much human motion.
The notion of spirituality is often an intimidating subject, it is also a subject that is largely absent in the chase. However, let us not forget that it was the notion of death that created the chase. It was death and the pondering of the meaning of life that gave root to Fenn’s poem and treasure hunt. Given these facts, it only stands to reason that some of these elements exist in the chase.
Now, before I get too deeply into all of this it’s important to understand that spirituality and religion are not the same thing. Spirituality is something that exist naturally in our DNA, religion is something that is taught.Per example, we all have great appreciation for the spectacular vistas in the Rocky Mountains weather we are believers in religion or not. So when I speak of spirituality this is what I am referencing so it’s important to recognize this distinction as this article continues.
Religious or not we all feel deep satisfaction in the gifting to others, here again, this is something that is part of our human DNA, it is spiritual in nature even without a designated religion. Even an atheist ponders the meaning of life, even an atheist feels great appreciation for those spectacular sights and those inherent human emotions. In short, we all recognize that there is something greater then ourselves at play in our lives.
Every culture since the beginning of time has recognized this same spirituality and with this recognition every one of these various cultures has attempted to make sense of it all. But the bottom line is that it has always been there in one form or another, be it in pagan rituals or the overwhelming amount of gods that man has created in an attempt to place identity on the source. What is the meaning of life? It’s a spiritual question, not a religious question, and it has been being asked since day one.
Forrest Fenn thought he was going to die, no doubt that he explored this same burning question, he even admits as much. And then suddenly a new lease on life and the question is explored once again from different perspective and with greater appreciation. Not long after he announces his treasure hunt and his reasons for hosting that treasure hunt. Make no mistake about it, spirituality played a major role in his creating the chase and probably his poem as well.
So how might all of this play into the chase? Per example, I have taken two BOTG trips and on each of these trips my personal spiritually found deep appreciation and connection with my surroundings. And here’s the thing, I found enough of both to compel me to go back again and again. I found enough of both to even share those experiences in both video and the written word. Suddenly I’m not only sharing but I am also collaborating. Do you see where this is all going now?
Spreading the word, and not just about the chase, but I am also sharing all of my exploration. Without even realizing it I’m doing exactly the same thing that Fenn has done in books, I’m sharing my life, my spirituality, with others. I’m making videos, writing articles, and sharing images. I’m active in the comments sections and I’m exchanging emails, sharing thoughts and ideas, etc., in the “true spirit of the chase.” Ironic, yes?
And now I want to share one of my email replies with you, the entire point of this article perhaps being made perfectly clear in this reply;
As we were driving alone route xxx, and just prior to reaching the entrance, I saw three broadside riders high on a ridge on painted horses, an absolute priceless image that I couldn't reach and pull in with my kit camera lenses. When I returned home I went on Google Earth and I observed the property, taking notice of the altitudes and vistas, the alpine lakes, XXXX Creek, XXXX Mountain, etc., and here's my personal problem with the Fenn was imagining all of the fantastic images and footage that I could capture from/on that property. I'm so overwhelmed with the beauty and the magnificence of the region....silent thoughts of drifting my flies in XXXX Creek, catching a brilliantly colored brook or cutthroat trout.....perhaps capturing an Ansel Adams....Where did the Fenn chase go? I justify it by telling myself, "I'm living it."
But how can any of this spiritual stuff help us to solve Fenn’s poem? Maybe it’s all about perspective, maybe it’s all about discovering the true value in all that he has said and written. Maybe these are the things we have to discover for ourselves first, just as he has. Maybe this the only way one can find answers to the poem?...........MA
Posted : 07/08/2019 2:03 pm

You're repeating what I've been saying for 2 years. I haven't been on this forum due to the ignorance of the community. I found the Egyptian Figures known as Atlanteans on the canyon walls. I also noticed the host of the Forum deleted my forum. Nobody was following it anyhow. 

Posted : 30/08/2019 8:28 pm
Man Alone liked
Man Alone
Reputable Member Author

It's difficult for the Fenn community to shift their mindset away from those traditional treasure hunting notions, most of the focus still being on dreams of gold, fame and fortune, any type of alternate message within the poem simply not offering them anything of monetary value or gain. So, to them, all of this other spiritual stuff is viewed as being outside the box. But at least they're out there researching and searching, learning and experiencing new things, which I believe was Fenn's intention. So it's all good. Mission accomplished. Live and let live. 

Posted : 09/09/2019 9:43 am

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