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Forrest Gets Mail-2...

Forrest Gets Mail-21/Setting the Stage  

Jack Griffin
Trusted Member Author

Forrest Gets Mail 21

(Click for Forrest's Original Post-Dal Neitzel)

I have typically avoided discussions on Scrapbooks and Mail from Forrest because the the interpretations are usually very bias.  Forrest can tell a story and give 100 people something to latch onto if they look hard enough.  However, this one seemed very straight forward.  

Forrest gets plenty of mail and has many stories so one has to believe when he does this, it has a purpose.  It may not always be hint driven.  One has to ask the question, why did Forrest choose this email to post.  Before I attempt to give my answer. lets break it apart into individual components.  

• The Image

• Nelika had a grandchild

•Winning the Lottery

•The treasure hunt in Canada

Lets start with announcing Nelika had a grandchild.  While Forrest and Nelika are good friends, I do not think the intent of the post was to tell everyone the news.

Next, let go with the image.  First, I do not think Forrest took the time to select an image and then photoshop X's on it.  That is not something that is typically his thing.  Also, the x's are in the correct location of each city referenced in the treasure hunt in Canada.  It is probable that Forrest sent in the post to Dal and Dal selected an image to go with it.  He also probably knew that putting X's on the image would cause discussion.  We do the same thing here.  We do not publish a post without an image.  So I think the image has nothing to do with the message.

Winning the lottery.  Forrest chose these words to describe how Nelika felt about her new addition.  So the question is, why?  I will incorporate this with my conclusion.

Lastly, we have all the details from Nelika about the treasure hunt in Canada.  Here is where it is interesting.  He could have just said " Will Canada get a rush of treasure hunters."  Instead he chose to incorporate "across our northern border." Why? This is the only part on the mail that could contain a purpose.  Why did Forrest feel he had to infer that many treasure hunters, from the U.S., would rush in?

The last few days I have thought about Sean's post when he commented on Forrest's statement-Pandora's Box. Did he mean there is something in the box, or does Forrest know there will be many angry people when the chest is found.  I am leaning towards the second.  

There are so many people for sometime now that thinks Forrest is talking to them and they are the lead searcher.  In their minds, they have ownership to the treasure to some degree.  Those people will undoubtably feel like something was stolen from them.

I think the purpose of this Mail was to show hunters there are other treasures out there in an effort to minimize the upcoming eruption. He is simply setting the stage. By choosing the word lottery, he can gear your mind in the direction he is heading. He has built a very large treasure hunting group and I think the message is to just move on to the next treasure, as there is plenty out there once Indulgence is found.



This topic was modified 4 months ago by Jack Griffin
Posted : 06/06/2019 6:38 pm
Seannm liked
Dizzy Dean
Active Member Registered

You do a really good job of breaking this down here.  I wish you could have done all the scrapbooks this way.  By the time I got to the end it is the only thing that makes sense.

Posted : 06/06/2019 6:53 pm
Jack Griffin
Trusted Member Author

Thanks Dizzy but that was an easier one I think.

Posted : 06/06/2019 7:18 pm
Jake KU
Eminent Member Registered

I would like you to break apart scrapbook 200 and see what you come up with. 

Posted : 07/06/2019 11:55 am
Trusted Member Author


 Maybe your right and Forrest was providing validation of this Forum and website, for Treasure Tracer is all about treasure hunting in general not just Forrest's. Just my very honest and subjective opinion, lol. 


Posted : 07/06/2019 6:43 pm
Bolo liked
Man Alone
Reputable Member Author

Jack, it's "in the air".....I think several recent events (since the first of the year) point to his expectations that 2019 will be the year that the chest is recovered. I've been feeling this way for several months now.

Posted : 07/06/2019 8:40 pm
Bolo liked

I think the same basic thoughts about this SB. Forrest is trying to let people know that his treasure hunt may be close to an end. It's the only logical conclusion for people trying to read between the lines.

Posted : 08/06/2019 12:17 pm
Bolo liked
New Member Registered

yea i think you encrypted this message word for word  nice job i completely agree

Posted : 11/06/2019 5:25 pm
New Member Registered

May not be THAT northern border he's referring too...

Posted : 18/07/2019 2:52 pm

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