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Treasure Hunting-Looking For Answers

Treasure Hunting

Treasure Hunting-Looking For Answers

Treasure Hunting-Looking For Answers

When it comes to treasure hunting, there are two different types of treasure a hunter is searching for.  One would be a designed treasure hunt such as Forrest Fenn’s or The Golden Owl of France.  In these cases someone has put together clues that lead to a location.  The other is a lost, misplaced, or hidden treasure.  Examples would be The Lost Dutchman’s Mine, Montezuma’s Treasure, KGC, etc. Each of these require a different approach when researching or looking for answers to the final location.


Seeing as though finding lost treasure is more based on historical facts and accounts, people are more likely to share tidbits of information that might help locate it.  In this case, the door is open to networking, social media sources, and  researching peoples opinion on the matter.  Scholars and archeologists are an email away ready to share what they might know on the subject.


Treasure Hunting-Looking For Answers

However, a designed treasure hunt is completely different.  All the information to the hunt was released to everyone at the launch.  In this case, no one knows more than anyone else.  Therefor, none of the above mentioned sources apply.  The only thing anyone else has to offer is their interpretation to clues that were meant to be tricky and not anything factual.


When you couple these facts along with the sheer number of people searching a designed treasure hunt, it doesn’t take long to realize this is a riddle that you must solve on your own.  The idea someone would solve any of these hunts and then post the info is almost unthinkable.  It is more likely, if someone solved the clues, they would know with certainty not to tell anyone until they had said treasure.


While both types of treasure hunting have plenty of opinions, these are elements I would think few would disagree with.  Each type has a successful path that has to be followed and is where time management comes in again.  A designed hunt requires independent research where as a lost treasure doesn’t have many social media boundaries.  Yet most people in a designed treasure hunt spend their research time reading comments and posts, seeing if they can find any answers when ultimately that method would likely prove to be viable in a lost treasure search.


In the end, it really comes down to what type of treasure is for you and what you are in the hunt for.



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Treasure Hunting-Looking For Answers


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