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Treasure Hunting-90% Rule

Treasure Hunting

Treasure Hunting-90% Rule

Treasure Hunting-90% Rule

Whether you are searching for a hidden treasure like Forrest Fenn’s or a long lost cache, having a strategy or rules to help guide you, could be a deciding factor in your success.  No matter how much research is done, nothing will be 100% fact.  Along the way, you will have to make some educated decisions.


These decisions should be based on the likely hood they are correct with the understanding the first few decisions will be the most important.  It is much easier to be wrong in the final steps of a theory than it is to have started off in the wrong place all together.


Treasure Hunting-90% Rule Maze

Treasure Hunting-90% Rule


This is where we use the 90% rule to guide our progression.  Our rule says we can not move to the next step until we are 90% confident the current step is correct.  Given all the research time that is involved, it would be statistically pointless to rush forward to the next stage otherwise.

The reason for the rule is to avoid getting months down the road and several steps in, all to know deep down, we are not even close.  My bank doesn’t see any value in wishful thinking. It also keeps us from going in circles.  Constantly revisiting the same issues because we knowingly, never really investigated them thoroughly. It’s just a waste of time.

Treasure Hunting-90% Rule Going in circles

Treasure Hunting-90% Rule

Obviously, the 90% rule is governed by our own bias.  So it is just as important to be honest with yourself if you plan on implementing it.  That gold rush feeling can be hard to control if you feel like you have just come across the answer to an important step.

Locating any treasure of value has a low success rate to begin with.  Designed treasure hunts attract the masses and consist of embedded clues that will take time to decipher. While lost treasure have few searching for them, there are not any clues to point you in the right direction.  In both cases, we can slightly increase our odds of success by managing our time wisely.  Having a method to our madness when we begin, can help keep us grounded and focused as we progress on our quest.


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Treasure Hunting-90% Rule

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