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There are over 600,00 lost treasures in human history to date.  Tracer gathers and updates all information available and provides a network for seekers to be as informed as possible


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Real hunters will not come out and say where they think a treasure is.  Every time you find this on the internet, it is either from people without boots on the ground or people trying to throw off a searcher.

At Tracer we do not disclose our location theories either.  However, we provide all the facts of the hunt and put the searcher in the correct state of mind revealing things that are important to focus on.

If Anyone knew exactly where a find was, they would not post it on the internet.  Treasures of real value can only be found with a lot of research and the willingness to get out and do the work.

Tracer is the first company that offers real information for the hunter yet also offers “arm chair” searchers and investors ways to get involved.

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Tracer is a team of hunters on several active searches at a time.  We network with fellow hunters, amateur and professional, to uncover some of the worlds most forgotten secrets.


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Many searchers never leave the comfort of their home even though they have good info.  As a member of the Tracer team, an “arm chair” solver can still cash in.  If one provides prudent, unknown info, they receive a portion of the find.  Our motto is, “There is plenty to go around.”


Every quest has costs.  If you are one who likes the idea of unearthing history yet can not perform activities in the outdoors or researching information, investing may be the avenue for you.  See our investment guide first.

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Happy Hunting!

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Always preserve found artifacts correctly.  Leave areas as you found them.

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