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Forrest Fenn Watching ants as elephants go by

Forrest Fenn

Watching the Ants as the Elephants go by

Watching the Ants as the Elephants go by

I made a video yesterday about Olga and her 36″ long bathtub.  The video is here:




I realized this morning that I was paying too much attention to the ants, and I missed the elephant right in front of me.

In the video, I talk about how Forrest tells us that Olga has a bathtub that is just 36″ long.  I also talked about how he sprinkled her ashed on Taos Mountain, and that Taos is in the 36th parallel.  I didn’t realize the obvious hint right in front of all of us.



From The Thrill of the Chase, on page 115, in the chapter Tea With Olga:

“Her bathtub was just thirty-six inches long and looked crowded in her bathroom.”

He said:  36 inches long.

36 inches long = 36″ in longitude, where long is short for longitude.

How easy is that?  Do you agree?  Would that qualify as an elephant?


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L. Ryder
L. Ryder

Hey Sacha, I’ve always thought that the 36 inch bathtub was curious and some sort of hint. I like your ideas on the 36 parallel. When it comes to the ants and elephants, I believe that FF might be talking about people. Elephants are tall, have eyelashes which help them see better by keeping dirt out and they can also use their trunks to help them navigate. Ants on the other hand move in colonies and follow each other around and can only see what’s right in front of them. Elephants see the big picture.

Thoth The Atlantean
Thoth The Atlantean

The clue in the chapter is the Lawyers aka legal-i-teas. He was there to discus transferring title to property in a Last Will and Testament.

Thoth The Atlantean
Thoth The Atlantean

I guess the mask isn’t enough, do I need to hire dung beetles too?


Great thought but wouldn’t it be latitude 36 instead of longitude? Lines of latitude are parallels, not longitude?
I suppose Forrest could have intended 36 long as a reference to the 36th parallel – I thought the same thing until I looked up long. vs lat.
Certainly fits with my solve.

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