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Forrest Fenn Pro Team Search Update

Forrest Fenn

Forrest Fenn Pro Team Search Update

Forrest Fenn Pro Team Search Update

Jan. 10, 2018- At the conclusion of 2017 search season, Treasure Tracer deployed a Pro Team in search for Forrest Fenn’s hidden treasure. -Forrest Fenn Pro Team Search Update

Our original goal was to update our readers with new information gather by a professional search team.  However, the teams finding resulted in more than expected.

It became immediately evident the problem with finding this treasure was the abundance of information on the internet that has been misinterpreted.  The majority of the information found on blogs or youtube channels are either misquoted or mis guided.

Forrest Fenn Pro Team Search Update Horse

Forrest Fenn Pro Team Search Update

For this reason, the team got all the original information together along with Fenn’s words straight from him.  This lead the team to the most important realization from a statement Fenn made.

We do not want to Quote Fenn as many do, so here is the gist- Its amazing to me no one has come forward with a key clue relative to the successful solve.  The answer to this statement was clear to the team the first night out.  It was so important that we can not share it at this time.

At this point in the 7 year hunt, there is no point in anyone making the statement they have solved Fenn’s clues.  The solve is not correct until you have a bronze box in your hand.

That being said, the answer to Fenn’s statement, along with the teams solve, would send anyone out to the location if all details were shared at this time.  There for, we will all just have to wait as the team wants to search this location thoroughly before details are revealed.

Forrest Fenn Pro Team Search Update Buffalo

Forrest Fenn Pro Team Search Update

This statement was made however. “Fenn’s treasure will be found in 2018.  In the event, our solve is not correct or we can not put our hands on the treasure, we will divulge all the elements of our solve.  Someone out there will be able to take the information and add it to theirs and find the chest.”

The summary is the team could not believe nowhere on the internet were two key elements that were evident.  They claimed they were so crucial that they were the  obvious reasons the chest had not been found.  For reasons they will not discuss, they did not attempt to search the location until a later date.

Forrest Fenn Pro Team Search Update





  1. Xxxxxx.xxxxxxx

    April 9, 2018 at 9:18 pm



  2. Dale Richards

    May 14, 2018 at 8:16 pm

    Reads like a pro-resume. Suggesting a solution yet leaving a lot of open questions. I suspect that any solution that was that fast is wrong. The poem has more than one path. And if you are even close to finding it, you will already know one thn: Most of the search comunities ideas are not flawed. You will realize that there is a grain of salt truth in everyones solve. You cannot just throw away other searchers experiences and interpretations. You need to absorb the big picture of it all and get yourself to the point of realizing that that big world of ideas is not that big. The rockies are not that big. Get comfortable with the idea that you are in a small world. One that is fully navigateable by a single man. And once you shrik the big ideas into smaller ones, then and only then will you be closeto finding it. And most importantly, if you cannot resolve your soluton with thinking like a child, then you are not even close to finding it. I hope the pro team reads this, because if their solution does not resolve 100% of the things Fenn has said, then they are not even close. And if they think he lied at all or decieved, then they are not close. He layed the rules of the game out and if you do not understand the rules, you are not close.

    • Bolo

      May 14, 2018 at 9:24 pm

      Dale Thanks for the Comment. While we wish we could provide more answers, especially to your comment, we can’t at this time. But I can say that we did not just throw away other searchers experiences. Truth is nothing should be eliminated at this point in the Fenn hunt. Our plan is to execute our search at some point this summer. If we come up short, we will share all we know. What I can tell you is this will alter the Chase. We have an 18 month search scheduled for August in another location. All considered, the teams solve did not come about quickly. Several months were devoted before the trip. This team has camped in the Rockies for a month at a time in Utah on more than one occasion and are very familiar with the area. That being said, no one is closer than another in this hunt until they have a Bronze Chest in their hand. Our goal is to get it found in one way or another. Best of Luck.

      • Tyler

        May 18, 2018 at 5:50 pm

        What is an 18 month search?

        • Tyler

          May 18, 2018 at 5:52 pm

          When do you plan on searching?

          • Bolo

            May 20, 2018 at 10:24 pm

            For Fenn’s treasure, Right now its looking between July 15-Aug 15, depending on how long the team is out on their current search. I do not go out with the team.

        • Bolo

          May 20, 2018 at 10:22 pm

          Its a shipwreck off the coast of Florida several miles. When dealing with these things, a lot of paperwork must be filed before you invest time.

  3. Mark Welles

    July 4, 2018 at 12:48 pm

    If you do not find the treasure in your solve location I would ask you to consider the consequences of releasing information like that on the internet.
    You know how people can be.
    That area will be ripped apart. You, for releasing the information and Treasure Hunters for the damage done to public land will get bad press. The media loves stories like this.
    Also the National Park and Forest Service may ban treasure hunters from public lands.
    Please Think.

  4. Ted Nicol

    July 14, 2018 at 10:55 pm

    I would like to start by saying, Forrest Fenn is an awesome guy from what I can tell. His friend Dale and his buddy are however USELESS as most will tell you. But this is not about them but the search as we see it. I do believe the graveyard is a factor and that Forrest is correct when he said that the treasure isn’t in a cemetery but how come NO ONE has ever asked him if a clue or the wood with the clue is in a cemetery? I believe that he put his treasure in a bank and the or title to the gold in a wood IN a cemetery! As I have gone alone in there ( Bank Vault ) and with my treasures bold ( openly, no need to hide it ) I can keep my treasure where and hint etc… Now something else, Forrest standing on the rail of his jet with a clue right on his plane ( I LIVE IN LUBBOCK ) starting point for an area. will tie this in if allowed! notice the picture with the gold on a map. several things to take note to, 1: two different focuses, 2: gold placed as though the shape of a man with a backpack! 3: the Single square piece of gold behind the man in that picture. 4: the location of the gold piece sits over a place that puts it in a specific area near his childhood hero! Next, note that when he said, North of Santa fe, he never finished the sentence with city, rd, railroad, etc … now, if you can find the map that will let you see the location, then you can note that it is very near Fort Sumner. remember the book? Now remember the plane? Where is the next military base? In that town is a sign that reads, Santa Fe. North of that is a cemetery and guess what is inside of that cemetery? Water Tower! Remember water high and heavy loads? Remember single square gold piece behind figure? take a picture of it, change the colours until you see several VERY interesting things. X marks the spot right, Spanish treasure symbols etc… Think of his situation of 80% chance to die, 20 % to live and ask yourself, what would be on your mind and what would you do to prepare for it? Two clues in, there will be no paddle up your creek. what is your and creek? Since we know Forrest is a man of integrity, the only to things I can see is TEARS. your is something that belongs to you and creek is a small stream of water. Begin it where warm waters halt! Graveyard! I believe that I have given you that believe in my theory a strong lead to where it is. But ask yourself a common sense question. Forrest is a man who by his nature is an archaeologist and what is the nature of an archaeologist? To dig up and preserve! now what archaeologist in his right mind would spend 20.000 on an 1150 ad bronze box and then place antiquities in it and then put it into a river or area where it would be destroyed by spring runoff? Now I am aware that most likely no one will even consider my findings and think that I am crazy, but that’s ok with me because if I am correct, I will soon make a trip to find the wood at the x and then meet up with Fenn to see if my assumptions of his integrity are correct! I have a bunch more clues that I believe that I have solved as well but time will tell. Give me a heads up either here or on my email and let me know what you think UNLESS you are Dal or his buddy, DON”T WASTE YOUR TIME!

  5. Cleo Saporita

    August 29, 2018 at 10:09 pm

    Wonderful website. Plenty of helpful info here. I’m sending it to several pals ans additionally sharing in delicious. And obviously, thanks in your effort!

  6. olga t

    August 31, 2018 at 6:50 am

    I honestly hope you and your Pro team do not find it! FF’s wish was for a family to solve this not a bunch of Professional Treasure Hunters!

    • Bolo

      September 12, 2018 at 4:37 pm

      A pro treasure hunter means nothing so dont worry. There is only one pro in this hunt and its Fenn himself. The only thing we have over many is we can put more time in it. Best of Luck

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