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Forrest Fenn New Clues Rio Grande

Forrest Fenn

Forrest Fenn New Clues

Forrest Fenn New Clues

Forrest Fenn New Clues

After the release of Too Far To Walk, Forrest Fenn stated he didn’t plan on releasing anymore clues.  However, after the death of two people in 2017, Forrest Fenn New Clues are as followed:

” The Treasure Chest is not under water”

” The Treasure is not near the Rio Grande River”


This means it could still be in water but is not “under” water.  This clues seems to have been released to deter people from diving or searching deep waters.

Not being near the Rio Grande is another proximity hint.  The word “near” is up to the searcher.  One would assume it is not near the bank and obviously not in it.

We do not offer solves to the Fenn treasure or share our theories.  There are literally thousands yet no one has the chest.  What we share is a way of thinking.

Forrest Fenn New Clues Mountians

Forrest Fenn New Clues

The first rule in looking for the Fenn treasure is you can not make a solve what you want it to be.  You see this everywhere.  People start off with a good WWWH and quickly turn the HOB into a brown rock or sediment.

This is a prime example.  One must realize you will not find this treasure with an ounce of luck.

The first thing a searcher should pay attention to is it took Fenn 15 years to write the poem.  That should tell a real hunter, if you try to get lucky at all, you will fail.

Everything about this treasure is on purpose.  Now one would think that we are referring to the poem and we are. We are also referring to every comment and clue Fenn has released.  Everything was on purpose.

The second bit of advise we have is do not under estimate the search.  Many go out to a search location with a good feel for the first 2-3 clues, thinking they will figure the rest out while they are out there.  You are done here.  The stamina required to search for the treasure is a lot and one must realize it is hard to think deeply while exhausted.  Prepare your solve to the end before leaving as well as a few back up plans.

Being in the right frame of mind will get this riddle solved not compiling info from everyone solve on the internet.  At this point there are 10 moronic solves to every decent one out there.

Treasure Tracer has put a four man team on this hunt.  The members are past treasure hunt winners and veteran hunters. Subscribe for these hunt updates as well as future clarification on clues and hints.  Again, we do not offer theories but the information we offer will be key in your own personal solve.

Forrest Fenn New Clues Hat

Forrest Fenn New Clues

Lastly, this will not be a source for every solve compiled on the internet like a newly started youtube channel.  For example, having 20 theories as to what each clue is helps nothing, especially coming for people who have never gone on a hunt.

Do your own research.  When you have a solve, ask yourself what are you forcing? If the answer is truly nothing and you can not find it,  tweak the same solve until you find it.

Remember the term,”miss by an inch, miss by a mile.” This is a treasure hunting term for a reason. Your solve could be correct but you missed one small thing.


Happy Hunting!

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Forrest Fenn New Clues

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