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Forrest Fenn-How Far is too far too walk

Forrest Fenn

How Far Is Too Far Too Walk?

How Far Is Too Far Too Walk?

Forrest says he made two trips from his car to the hiding spot and did it in one afternoon.  He also said he was 79-80 when he did it.  Many take this to mean it was a short distance.  But lets do the math and see what would be possible.

Walking at the average speed, a person can walk one mile in 15 minutes.  Lets also look at what would be classified as an afternoon, by definition:




  1. the time from noon or lunchtime to evening.

While there is not really any set time for afternoon to end and evening to start, most of us would probably agree 5:00 would be the earliest we could call evening.  Since this is speculation, we will use 6:PM as our evening to be safe which gives Forrest 6 hours to make two trips to hide the treasure.

At 15 minutes a mile, that comes to 24 total miles.  But it would not be that simple.  He had to have time to load the chest then the treasure and to do the “secreting.”  Seeing as though he knew the spot very well, lets deduct 1 hour to get this done.  That now gives us 20 miles total.  Divide that by 4, 1 way trips and we get 5 miles.

So in the absence of any evidence, one should not discount anything under 5 miles from where you park your car.  Now many are going to say, not at 79-80.  My father in law walks 12 miles, 5 days a week, and he is 72.  I asked him how long does it take him and how tough is it for him as there are several moderate inclines.  His response,” It usually takes me 3-3.5 hours.  At first it was tough and I could not make it all the way through it but over a couple of months, its amazing what your body can get use to.”

Whats also interesting, and pure speculation, is Forrest’s comment that anything over 10 miles is too far too walk.  Was that his way of telling us that 5 miles in and 5 miles back out is as far as one needs to go.  I just find it strange that my father in law walks 12 yet I would bet Forrest was in better shape than him at 72.  This also came from a man who walked to Butte Montana just to see what it was like.  Kind of odd he would say over 10 miles is too far too walk.

So just being objective, I can’t rule out anything under 5 miles from where I can park my vehicle.  I would be interest to see how far you think the treasure is hidden from where you can park.

How Far Is Too Far Too Walk

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Wayne Ross

I basically agree with the assessment that we should not quickly discount anything less than 5 miles as the distance Fenn could have traveled to hide the chest, but – This was not a walk in the park. It was a nature walk in an area where there are no human trails. To a large extent terrain will dictate the distance you can walk in a given amount of time. On two of these trips he was carrying 20 pounds of additional weight. That will slow you down as well, maybe a lot when you take the altitude into consideration.… Read more »


Sometimes we can’t see the Forrest for the trees. I think it’s a mistake to assume that the trek from WWWH to “take it in the canyon down” (be it walk or drive) is the sum total of what he means by “too far to walk”. A prominent Tuber once said he thought the distance between WWWH and the chest was less than 500 feet. So I asked him how that distance was “too far to walk”? He explained that, for example, if we were on opposite sides of a stream, we would not necessarily be far apart but it… Read more »

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